How to operate efficiently

For your business to succeed, you need to plan the route you are going to take.

Our approach is pragmatic and starts with the employee. Based on the systematic analysis of the parameters Occupational safety – Process understanding – Quality – Productivity we realize tailored concepts for rendering goods and services, thus ensuring your competitiveness on the market. Given today’s tough and highly-competitive business environment, process thinking and optimizing is the basis for any successful modern management.

Process control and organizational development

Process and organization are interdependent. That is why we develop organizational solutions that help you to respond quickly and flexibly to the demands of dynamic markets.

Optimal solutions result from the combination of methodical expertise and the innovation potential of your employees. Procedures that describe processes have to be written with change in mind. We identify the areas for improvement in your business and assist you in the implementation of effective change processes. The satisfaction of our clients is the criterion for the work of our consultants, coaches and interim managers.

Clear market positioning – flexible structures

To gain a competitive advantage your business needs a clear and focused market position and flexible structures that allow you to implement your business strategy.

We help you realize these benefits, e.g. in negotiations with banks, in the search for strategic partnerships or in talks with shareholders or creditors. And, should your success fail temporarily, we work out a detailed restructuring plan that will take you back into the fast lane.

Analysis leads to changes

No concept without a precise analysis.
Just as no doctor starts his treatment before he has recorded his patient’s medical history and made a diagnosis, no MFB consultant will take a concept from his bag before having exactly analyzed the specific situation of your business. The reason is: We want your success to be a sustainable one. We first identify your current market position before we make proposals for further developing and optimizing it; and we analyze tools and instruments of your sales management before we introduce concepts for its review. Consequently, the implementation of a new sales controlling must be accompanied by targeted qualification measures for your sales force. We understand process improvement as a holistic concept ranging from the analysis of markets and competition to human resources development.